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This is a HIDDEN DISCOUNT page. This discount ends 12/15/19.


Winter courses begin early January 2020. 

Learn with us. Create with Us. 


10 week courses for beginning and advanced students. 

Materials Provided. Free open studio Mon-Sat. 


Worried about missing a class with your busy schedule? Fear not. We're flexible  Students who miss a class are invited attend any equivalent class on the schedule. 

Courses for beginners.   (            )

Or for those with a little experience.

Scroll down for a list of advanced classes.

Jeremy Lee
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This 10 week course is designed for the beginning metalsmith with little or no experience. We provide the materials. Throughout the course you will create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces while learning to saw, drill, sand and polish metal as well as set stones, texture/patina, form, use cold connections and torch solder. This will enable you to create a variety of rings, cuffs, bangles, necklaces, earrings and pendants as well as sculptural objects. The second half of the course expands to cover one of the most essential aspects of metalsmithing; stone setting (bezels, prongs & more). The course will also cover advanced soldering, hollow forming, enameling and instructor guided work with silver/gold. Free open studio access is included with the course Monday - Saturday.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Intermediate/Advanced classes are geared towards students who have previous metalsmithing experience. Before you consider one of these courses, we recommend you have had at least two classes here or elsewhere. 

Courses are 10 weeks. Free open studio Mon.-Sat., 12-6. Materials provided. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


These classes will focus on design and development of more advanced technical skills. Students will have the opportunity to work more independently on projects and receive individualized attention. This class will fine-tune your existing skills while exploring new techniques and projects. Work at your own pace while becoming inspired by class demonstrations. Design, craftsmanship and refining techniques will be explored as well as soldering tips & solutions will be demonstrated.

INDEPENDENT STUDY, WEDNESDAYS. This 10 week  course is for students who are more interested in continuing to work in an independent direction with instructor guidance while not having to take time out for demos they may not be interested in. Students are free to come and go and will have instructor availability anytime between 11am - 6pm.

ALL ABOUT THE STONES, TUESDAYS. In this ten week course, students will focus exclusively on incorporating stones, gems and trinkets into jewelry work. Coverd will be a  variety of setting techniques starting with the basics of bezel and prong settings and moving on to introduce more advanced and creative setting techniques. Demonstrations will cover setting and soldering techniques, useful tips and tricks as well as guidance on where to get gorgeous stones. Students will have plenty of time to work on independent projects with instructor guidance. 

WAX CARVING/CASTING, FRIDAYS. Learn lost-wax, an age-old sculptural jewelry casting process that involves creating a positive wax model, which then becomes transformed to a cast form in metal. This is a great technique to create original designs and jewelry components. Students will be introduced to wax carving and wax fabrication with hard & soft waxes. We'll cover layout for carving hard waxes, wax wire techniques, casting organic materials and wax modification. 

Students will also be instructed on how to efficiently out-source their wax to be professionally cast and molded at a low cost. 

Sorry, this class has been changed to an intermediate/advanced class. See below for registration.

Sorry, this class has been changed to an intermediate/advanced class. See below for registration.

Sorry, the deadline for the early registration discount has ended. 

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