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Donations For Staff And Instructors

Thank you for considering a donation to our staff and instructors. We have no idea how crazy this Coronavirus thing will get and this will certainly help them get through. Many of them are artists who work in the studio to supplement their income. Aside from me (Jeremiah the owner) there are 2 staff members and 4 instructors. I plan to keep every one on board. All donated funds will go to staff and instructors. I will not be accepting donations for myself.
Thanks again. Be clean, be well, and be six feet. 
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About the studio- Hi, I'm Jeremiah the shop owner. I opened the studio in 2013. I am a metalsmith with a BFA and an MAT. I taught in Chicago Public Schools for 3 years before opening the studio. Aside from myself, there are 2 staff members and 4 metalsmithing instructors. 

Before I moved in, the shop used to be Division St. Watch Co. I trained under Steve Evevald (the original DSWC watch maker) for 5 years. He has since gone to Detroit to train the watch makers at Shinola.

We offer metalsmithing classes, membership based workspace for local artists, jewelry repair and fabrication, and of course watch repair (done by me). Our front gallery features hand made jewelry by local artists. 

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