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Frequently Asked Questions


Q- What kind of person can take workshops at Benches on Division?
A- Anyone and everyone. Young and old. Skilled and unskilled. Experienced and inexperienced.
Anyone can be successful at metalsmithing.

Q- Can I take the 10 week Complete Metalsmith or the 5 week Basic Metalsmith course if I have no experience?
A- Yes. The workshops are designed for beginners who have little or no experience. Our instructors will begin each course with the essential basics and help you build on your skills as they continue to teach you advanced techniques.

Q-Can I take the 10 week Complete Metalsmith or the 5 week Basic Metalsmith course if I already have some metalsmithing experience?
A- Yes. People take the courses for different reasons. A lot of skilled metalsmiths choose to take the courses so that they can have access to a studio space in order to work on projects with instructor guidance. Others enjoy the sense of community and opportunities they find while working with others throughout the course. It is not uncommon for a metalsmith to take a course several times in a row.

Q- Can I work on my own projects based on my own specific ideas? Or do I have to work on an instructor guided project?
A- Our workshops are set up to equip you with specific skills that will allow you to take your creativity in limitless directions. Most students work on a project of their own design.  Our experienced artists/instructors can also assist you in coming up with compelling project ideas and what is doable.

Q- What is a typical day in the life of a workshop?

A- Each day of a workshop begins with the instructor either introducing a new skill/technique or expanding on previous skills taught. This usually lasts about a 45 minutes. Following this, the students have a chance to work on a new project based on what they have learned that day or incorporate the technique into an ongoing project. Some students choose to continue working on a project they have already started and opt to use what they just learned on a future project. During this time, the instructor continues to provide technical guidance and assistance to all students working on a range of projects. Other times the class may reconvene half way through for additional instruction for specific techniques.
Every class allows for ample work time with quality instruction.

Q- While I’m taking a course, are there times when I can come into the studio and work outside of class?
A- Yes, our studio is your studio! And we’re proud of it! Our studio is open to you as long as you are enrolled in a course. We offer open studio hours Mon-Sat. There will also be an instructor available at all times for guidance.

Q- Do I need to be an artistic person to succeed in your workshops? Do I need to be handy with tools?
A- No, and no. Our workshops and courses are designed to enable anyone to successfully create great pieces and have a rewarding experience- even if you have two thumbs.

Q- What does membership include? What does becoming a member even mean?
A- Memberships are for metalsmiths who are looking for unlimited monthly access to studio space. Kind of like renting a studio stocked with every awesome metalsmithing tool and machine you can think of.
Members get 24/7 access to the studio via an access code that will let them in the door any day of the week!

Q- What if I want to use your studio but I don’t need a month long membership?
A- We offer drop in rates with a 1 day or 3 day pass.
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